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Apartment Signup

Wireless    |    Ethernet    |    Fiber
Cougar Crest
2055 NE Skyview Dr.
Pullman, WA 99163
Includes Wireless Router and Setup to Get Service Throughout Entire Apartment
50mbps download and 50mbps upload speeds for $50/month or
100mbps download and 100mbps upload speeds for $75/month
No Contract - Month to Month service
No Data Caps or Limits
7 Day a week technical support
*Service only available at the Cougar Crest Apartments at this time. Setup includes a wireless router that is installed inside the apartment. Wireless coverage from FSI provided wireless router inside the apartment is not guaranteed. Customer can run, at their own expense, ethernet cable from FSI provided wireless router to customer equipment inside apartment (i.e. switch, game console, smart TV, etc.). All equipment must be returned when service is terminated.
For Support Help please call our office 208.882.8869.

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